zombie dream

February 22, 2011
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February 22, 2011 Ben

zombie dream

So had a weird zombie dream last night.  Dreamed that I was running away from some of the zombie horde and after hitting a dead end got bit from one of those undead bastards.  I then turned into a zombie and funny thing is I could understand all the zombies.  There was even a zombie community and zombie doctors/scientists who were trying to work on a cure for the zombie infection.  There were also zombie construction workers and zombie kids on skateboards.  We all felt the need to feed of course, but the problem is the zombie infection had spread to most all of the planet and there were no more people to eat.  No more yummy brains makes for a sad zombie.  Which kind of brought me to my next question.. do zombies communicate with each other? :D

I tried to be a good zombie in my dream.. there were a lot of strange goings on , but I honest can’t remember all of them.  I know I saved someone from my zombie brothers and sisters, but it was very difficult to communicate to the person that I was trying to save them instead of eat them.  I think in the end they got the point and were able to escape.  Though I did feel the need to feast upon them, I tried very hard to resist the urge.

After some time our zombie doctors were able to come up with a cure.  However it was a cure that turned zombies back to people, but the people were evil in nature.  They possessed certain super powers to do mass destruction to zombies and people alike.  In the end we had to kill them and eat them because they were too evil to let live.  Chopping off their heads seemed to be the only way to destroy the evil ex-zombies.  The dream of course just got weirder from there, but that’s all I’m really going in to.  I do remember something I said in the dream that really stuck out.  I told another zombie friend of mine “I don’t want to be a zombie anymore, I’d rather be dead.  At least that way I’ll go to heaven and this will be done”.  My zombie friend responded with “you still believe in heaven after all this?” to which I replied “Of course.. there has to be a heaven, because I am living in hell right now”.

Interesting dream. :)  One last thing.  If you like that graphic I used, it’s from a shirt on W00t.com.  A shirt I ordered today ;)

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