dedicated to corey haim..

April 14, 2011
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April 14, 2011 Ben

dedicated to corey haim..

Occasionally I’ll sit down and watch an 80s or 90s movie that I watched as a kid and think back on my life and the choices I made.  Now I was just a kid back then with my whole life ahead of me.  I guess sometimes I wish I could have known how things would have turned out and maybe made some directional changes on my journey. Maybe avoid a relationship here or work harder on a relationship there.  Made choice in school a bit different or went to college while I had the chance and wasn’t so old.  I sometimes like to look up actors and see where they are now.  Where did that little kid go that played in that movie I loved so much.  Tonight I watched Dream a Little Dream and wondered what happened to the Coreys.  I suppose maybe I forgot or didn’t really pay attention when Corey Haim passed away, but reading his wiki tonight and see how he died really made me sad.

At the end of his life, Haim shared a month-to-month rental at the Oakwood Apartments between Burbank and the Hollywood Hills with his mother, who has breast cancer. Haim did not own a car.  Christopher Ameruoso, Haim’s neighbor for a year, said Haim sometimes could be seen wandering around the complex, “looking for companionship, looking for friends.”

So sad to read that… All the people lives that he touched to end up alone and ‘looking for a friend’.  I guess that’s what drives me to try and find someone and makes me realize that any can end up alone.  Anyone can have regrets in their life and choices they wish they could have made differently.  All those people and in the end he had no one… Makes me think that no matter how many lives you touch or how good you choose to live your life.. there’s always that chance that it will end badly.  Well I think that’s about it tonight… RIP Corey Haim.  I enjoyed your movies and growing up with you on the silver screen was always a joy for me.  I’m sorry it had to be cut short so soon.

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