my break from facebook and all things social network related

April 21, 2011
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April 21, 2011 Ben

my break from facebook and all things social network related

Well for the most part.. I decided to deactivate my facebook account.  It’s amazing the time that’s wasted on that site.  Cyber stalking your friends, wondering why this person is say this to that person.  Wondering why this single person isn’t dating you instead they complain about being single.  Noticing that this person is totally retarded and really has no business being friends with anyone with an IQ over 35.  I wondered to myself, what could I do instead of hanging on this site of status updates and random applications.  So here’s what I’ve been doing…

I started learning to play the guitar a couple of weeks ago and only practiced before bed which didn’t give me a ton of time to really learn things or play with different chords.  So every time I had the urge to reactivate my FB account, I decided to play the guitar.  So since then I’ve made a large amount of progress.  Oh sure, I’m not playing songs yet or performing on the streets for extra spending money, but I am toughening up my fingers and forcing them to move in awkward ways!

I also decided tonight to have a moment to myself, so I went to Walmart and picked up some nice wine glasses and a cork screw.  Then opened one of the bottles of wine I bought when I was on my road trip.  Sat down and poured myself a couple of glasses and got nice and toasty (still am by the way).  Enjoyed my wine and watched a movie on my sofa.  Just me, my fancy new wine glasses, and a bottle of Cardinal Point Quatro wine.  I should sleep like a baby tonight, that’s for sure!

I think tomorrow I shall go and treat myself to a nice restaurant!   I’m not sure where, but that’s the fun in not knowing!  A little surprise here and there can’t be but so bad.

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