spam, spam, spam, and spam

April 12, 2011
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April 12, 2011 Ben

spam, spam, spam, and spam

It’s so funny to log on to my site sometimes and see all the SPAM comments waiting to be approved.  You’d figure after all these years they might give up, because not one has made it through, but no.. they keep on trying.  I guess that’s why I love wordpress so much because it blocks them all for me.  I suppose they try to have to make their money somehow and trying to spam my blog seemed like a huge profitable attempt for them.  Well, sorry guys that I can’t make all your wildest viagra filled dreams come true.  I can only hope that one day you catch syphilis from a Vietnamese street walker.  After all.. you do make our lives interesting, so I can only wish your lives are filled with the same kind of feelings you give us..

In other news…  learning how to play the guitar.  Which is fun.. I had someone ask me if I would ever play somewhere for people to listen.  I think that would be a ‘no’.  Even if I become really good (which is doubtful at this pace) I would play for my friends.. my family.. and maybe some Vietnamese street walk, but that’s about it.  I always wanted to learn to play music for myself.  I doubt I’ll ever be in a point in my life where I’ll join a band or play at some strange restaurant or bar.  I guess that’s for certain people, but not for me.

Anyways.. life keeps on plugging along, not much else is new.  Maybe one day I’ll get into some sort of shenanigans, but for now I’ll stick to my boring life.

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