happy halloween fuckers..

October 29, 2011
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October 29, 2011 Ben

happy halloween fuckers..

Yea.. it’s a bit early, but I’ve been rather busy so I doubt I’ll post anything with any consistency.  Been watching lots of movies and new TV shows.  Still watching American Horror Story and enjoying it for the most part, but it’s kinda gotten weird.  Can’t really explain it, but it’s almost like they’re not really sure the direction they want to take with the series.  I’m not even sure if it’s something they plan on continuing past the Halloween season or if it’s just a seasonal show.

Ehhhh.. other than that, not much else going on.  I was on last week’s Geeked Out Podcast, so if you want to hear me and a couple of other nerds talk about video games, then you can always give it a listen.  I need to catch up on Walking Dead, but I tell you that show just gives me the heebie jeebies.  I love it and all, but zombies always freak me out.. Especially when in large ‘herds’.  Fast zombies are suckie too.. Always running full speed at you and wanting to eat your brains.

One last thing… I wish that on Halloween that the dead could walk amongst the living.  Not to harm us or anything, not to physically effect the world, but just to visit with family and friends.  One night a year where we could see all the people we’ve lost along the way.  I know that goes against Heaven and Hell, but maybe there could be a truce set up between good and evil.  At least for certain people… a weird request, eh?

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