packing up and getting ready to leave…

October 9, 2011
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October 9, 2011 Ben

packing up and getting ready to leave…

Tonight is the infamous packing night.. I can’t wait to leave this little one horse down and head to a TWO horse town!!  I’ll be leaving for Virginia Beach tomorrow, probably around lunch time.  I was thinking about making my normal stop by Dairy Queen for lunch, but I’m thinking I’d rather not have to stop 2 hours into the trip to destroy some random truck stop bathroom where my actions in the stall might attract unwanted advances by local men.  Probably the best thing to do is eat light.. hit the road, be hungry for a bit, then once I hit the hotel order my usual Papa John’s VA Beach pizza and begin my week of vegging and bumming.  It’s doubtful I’ll even shave, but on the off chance I’ll have a visitor, it would probably be best to bring my shaving kit.  Ya never know.. I might want to look pretty for someone.  Anything can happen!.. can’t it? :)

My best friend has requested that I take my camera along and bring her a picture of a seagull’s belly.  Random photos for a random girl. :)  I think I can try to swing that though.. taking pictures at the beach is always a great way to relieve stress.. and it’ll be a nice break from all the Law and Order SVU I’ll probably end up watching while I’m there.  I do think I’ll splurge a little this time and eat out a bit more than I usually do.  Most times I ended up going to Walmart and picking up food to last me off and on for a week, but I think I want to be lazy.  Maybe make use of the over-prices and watered-down restaurants nearby.  I don’t know what in the world those people think there, but that soda is NAAAAAAAASTY… Okay.. maybe I’ll hit up Wally World and get some pepsi’s to eat my food with.

I think I want to have a goal to post one blog entry each day that I’m there. All with my own pictures and no more google searches.  Seems like a reachable goal.. now I must decide if I should bring my bike with me or leave it at home.. Always a touch choice for me.

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