vacation: day 1

October 10, 2011
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October 10, 2011 Ben

vacation: day 1

I will admit this vacation was meant to be spent a little differently than sitting around watching NCIS, but I’m trying to come to terms with that. Sometimes life doesn’t always turn out like you want it to, but you just have to keep trucking sometimes or at the very least make an attempt. I wish that I could have woke up next to the person I cared about, walked down the boardwalk hand in hand, and kissed them on the beach, then whispered in their ear how I felt about them. Instead, I’m sitting around watching TV, eating some Papa John’s and telling myself that maybe I should hit the gym down stairs.. maybe I should go for a walk on the beach.. maybe I should not fall asleep on the couch.

So far it’s been pretty uneventful day and yes I did take a lovely little nap today and severely enjoyed it. I woke up late this morning then laid in the bed watching TV and occasionally stared out the window at the beach. I listened to the jets flying overhead and thought about if I had made different choices, I might have joined the air force and been flying those jets. I don’t have too much issue fixing computers and I’m not one to complain because it has paid the bills and kept me fed.

I think there is something that I’ll do when I go back is starting eating healthier and maybe hit up the gym a little more frequently. I miss that feeling of exhaustion after a day of physical labor. I might go ahead and go to the gym later tonight and revisit the whirlpool in the bathroom. It’s so very nice so lay in the tub and feel the water jets massage my body. Oh and I even shaved today so I’m all clean cut looking. :) Tomorrow maybe I’ll try to be more physically active.

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