vacation: day 3

October 12, 2011
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October 12, 2011 Ben

vacation: day 3

There is nothing better to do on a vacation than sitting around in a bunch of hot water as it rushes over your body and cleanses all of the day’s filth away. I think that was the third time I’ve sat in the whirlpool this week.. It’s so nice to have so much hot water at your fingertips and a tub that’s big enough to hold so much water it touches your chin while you’re sitting in it. I then crank up the AC so when I poke my head out it’s nice and cool. Also have a nice cold glass of water sitting next to me to sip on. I even poured a little bit of shampoo into the water to make it bubble up a bit. I’ve had bubble baths in there before, but it’s a waste of money really. There’s already going to be plenty of soap in the tub by the time I wash off.

Other than that, today hasn’t been too eventful.. I laid around a bit, took a nap or two.. chatted with people online and did some surfing. Also cooked up a couple of burgers and tried to avoid burning the kitchen down. The pots and pans they give you to use here suck sooo much. None of them are non-stick and I always seem to forget to buy some PAM or something for these crummy pots. Thankfully though I do have a dishwasher so I don’t have to scrub them off too much.

I think tomorrow is supposed to be cold and rainy, which will be really nice cause there won’t be many people on the boardwalk so maybe I’ll take some gloomy picture of the ocean. I love taking those kinda pictures because everyone takes sunny pictures and people running around, but I think gloomy pictures sort of say.. This is what happens when something beautiful meets real life, which can be gloomy… a bit of yin and yang perhaps?

A thought just came to mind.. maybe Friday night I’ll cook up that lasagna I bought! Nom nom!

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