vacation: day 4

October 13, 2011
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October 13, 2011 Ben

vacation: day 4

Today was quite eventful, surprisingly enough. Law and Order wasn’t on today, so once I finished How to Train Your Dragon, I ventured out to the beach. Walked around a bit, took some pictures, and got some great photos, especially the one that was requested by my friend. Also snapped some of a couple of choppers that decided to fly over the beach. Looked military which isn’t really shocking. Some times the beach feels like a military zone. I’m all for protecting our shores, but sheesh I figured the jets would be enough.

One of my new friends from Google+ messaged me and asked me out for drinks so I figured ‘why not?’. I met up with her and we had some drinks and I finally tried Woodchuck beer. It wasn’t bad but I wish she hadn’t ordered me such a large one :D Took me forever to down all that beer. Icky!! Guess I’m just a girl-drink drunk when it comes down to it. I don’t really drink all that often so I think my system is able to handle it pretty easily. I really didn’t get drunk or even buzzed that much. I did walk her back to her hotel which was probably fifteen blocks away, but it was a nice stroll on the beach.

We parted ways and I walked back to the hotel room. It was a nice little workout too, but now I’m thinking that I feel the need for some whirlpool action! Something to massage my feet and legs from all the walking I did today. Good times though and I really enjoyed the company. It’s nice to have someone to talk to when you’re on a vacation by yourself.

Tomorrow is Friday and that means I only have a couple more days of vacation left. It really has flew by this year, but I’m hoping that my trip to WV to the four wheelin’ town will result in some nice pictures and a chance to relax all over again. Well I’m going to start running the water for my relaxing sit down in the tub. Until tomorrow!

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