vacation: day 5

October 14, 2011
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October 14, 2011 Ben

vacation: day 5

Fun stuff today.. I am enjoying the last bit of my vacation by relaxing a bit more before I have to get back to the fun crap at work that has bound to have piled up while I was away. Luckily I haven’t gotten a ton of phone calls while I was away so maybe that means all my relaxed sanity won’t be instantly dissolved Monday. Tonight Atlantic Avenue is hopping because it’s Friday, so all the stuff that’s normally closed during the week is up and running. I decided to play around with my camera’s shutter speed a bit and make some trippy photos. I only posted this one, but I’ve taken a bunch that I’ll put on flickr as soon as I get back.

I know it probably looks a little weird for someone to be standing outside their hotel room with a tripod and a large lens on a digital SLR camera. I may get some funny looks, but all is well people. I’m not taking pictures of people, just of the spinning ferris wheel. It has some really cool lights on it that once you bump up your shutter speed a bit, you can capture them moving around in one picture. I love photography!

I also had some very nommy lasagna tonight. I’m always a fan of nommy Italian food, especially when I can cook it myself. I use the term ‘cook myself’ loosely since all I had to do was pop it in the oven for an hour and then feast upon the yummy goodness inside. Well since this blog has been random, I think I’ll add that I might end up coming back home tomorrow night. I always hate traveling home during the day on Sunday. Saturday night might be less stressful and hopefully not as many people on the road. There may be deer or something along my path, but I’d be in no hurry to get home and when I did get home I could rest up really well Saturday night in my own bed. I just hate rushing out of the hotel and onto the road before 11 am. I suppose I’ll decide tomorrow.

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