why did the chicken cross the road…

October 9, 2011
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October 9, 2011 Ben

why did the chicken cross the road…

Maybe he was trying to get to Virginia Beach like me. Had a pretty uneventful trip other than that fact that my phone’s GPS decided to take me some crazy fucked up route instead of my usual peaceful 460 route. I guess that’s the last time I use Google Maps to get me from my house to the beach. Instead of 460 it took me to freakin’ 64 where everyone in the world was on the road and all flying by me going 80. I realize the speed limit is 70 and that’s what I’m doing, sorry if I don’t feel like using all my gas to keep up with your dangerous speeds. Then all of a sudden everyone will just slam on breaks to make sure all the other idiots behind them are awake. Guess what, WE ARE!

Another awesome addition to the trip was the fact that Dairy Queen’s lunch didn’t agree with my stomach at all. Guess my lactose intolerance is in full swing and I should have avoided the blizzard. So I want to personally thank the Target and Sheetz bathrooms for being so accommodating. Guess it’s better than being in the middle of no where and have it attack me. I finally got to the hotel, checked in and made new best friends with the bathroom in my room.

Still not sure what I’ll end up doing while I’m here.. I’d love to hit up the aquarium that’s not far from here, but I guess that will require me to motivate myself. The restaurant in the hotel made a choice to close for the season tonight, so I’ll have to venture out a little farther to get food. Guess it would be best to hit up Wally World for some nom noms instead of having to walk up and down the boardwalk looking for a place to eat that hasn’t already closed for the season. Well if you’ll excuse me, my room has a whirl pool tub and I think I want to make use of it. That is after I get done watching 40 Year Old Virgin on TV. I’m going to try to make the most of this week and really work on getting myself back to the calm I had before the storm of late.

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