February 10, 2012
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February 10, 2012 Ben


Sarah told me that ever since I started playing Old Republic that I don’t blog or facebook post that much.. It’s really true.. this game has me by my nads and won’t let go.  Though it is a super amount of fun.  My most recent toon is a healer and when I take her into the PvP matches she is a healing machine! :)  There’s even a thing to nominate players for mvp at the end of the round and I almost always get nominated at least once.  That makes me feel super good!  Means someone noticed how much I was healing and contributing and decided that I should have that award.  I feel all warm and squishy inside!

A bit of news on the Sarah and I front.. things are going great.  I don’t think they’ve ever been this good. I’m happy, she’s happy.. the world is full of singing birds and dancing monkeys, just like it always seems to be when you’re in love.  It’s really a super duper feeling that I haven’t had in a long time.  She really is the light in my life right now and every problem I have melts away when I’m around her.  I know that a lot of people consider this the puppy love stage, but honestly we’ve been dating since summer and I think that stage has passed. She just makes me really happy all the time. If anything, my feelings for her have grown over time.  We’re hoping to try and go on vacation some time this summer. Maybe rent a house on the beach and just really enjoy each other’s company.  Ahh life is grand.

In other gaming news.. I got a new xbox since my old one decided that it didn’t want to go on living and committed red ring suicide.  I got the new slim one that supposed to be resistant to red rings.. aka over heating.  Ended up getting Red Dead Redemption for it off ebay for like 10 bucks and started playing that last weekend while Sarah played with her tablet on the couch (another thing I really enjoy.. she’s happy just being around me).  Though I don’t think I’m giving the game it’s full potential. All I do when I log in is head to the saloon and play Texas Hold ’em.  I probably could have just gotten a poker game and been just as happy.. but what’s the fun in that? :)  I did accidentally run over a guy with my horse while I was speeding through town.  I stopped to see if he was okay, but he pulled me off the horse and started to kick my ass.  I went to pull out my fists and give him what for, but pulled a gun instead and shot him in the face.  Well from there things just got worse as I was chased out of town by the sheriff and his deputies. After out running them I returned to town and paid my 40 dollar bounty.  I thought it was a pretty good deal for committing murder.

Well I think I’ll wrap it up as I trailed on a bit.. I think Sarah is going to start a twitter account for ‘things my boyfriend says’ since apparently I say some pretty wacky shit when I’m around her :)  Hope all of you are well and now back to the dancing flowers and singing monkeys.

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