zombies vs scavengers..

February 24, 2012
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February 24, 2012 Ben

zombies vs scavengers..

Getting caught up on watching Walking Dead since I took a break after the fourth episode of the second season.  Seems that all zombie shows have one thing in common; zombies and scavengers.  Tough to say what’s worse..

Zombies… Well yes.. they want to eat you.  Apparently you are crunchy and go very well with ketchup.  They’re not so sneaky, usually don’t run very fast and aren’t exactly the smartest things in the world.  They don’t plot behind your back or try to cause drama in your group of friends.  They just think you’re on gigantic walking cheeseburger.  They do have numbers on their side and as many bullets as you have, they are usually more of them than you have ammo.  Their infection causes you to become one of them.  They no longer acknowledge your existence even if they were your best friend since kindergarten, they will eat upon your face like they were a back of cheetos.  At least they’re fun for target practice.

Scavengers… They just suck.. they’re smart, they usually have friends and have guns.  Whatever you have left in your life, they want to take from you.  They’re also sneaky and come in numbers, but usually small groups and nothing extremely organized.  They’re more like bandits from the old west with no moral code and have been so desensitized from killing zombies that you’re not much different.  Unfortunately your pleas of mercy don’t mean anything to them unless you have something that they want.

So what’s worse?  Zombies or scavengers.. it’s a tough call.  I’d say they are equally horrible creatures.  Neither have any morals and both would rather kill you than look at you.  It’s important that in the zombie apocalypse you try to remain human without letting your guard down.  Mercy and understanding are a plus, but sometimes a weakness.

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