my adventure with sims..

September 16, 2012
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September 16, 2012 Ben

my adventure with sims..

So one of my friends is playing Sims 3 and I thought I’d share my very disturbing story with my Sims 3 family.  I’ll try to word this in fairy tale form for your amusement!

A long time ago in a video game far far away lived my guy Sim.  We’ll call him Bob since I don’t remember his name.  Bob lived a happy live in a small one bedroom house.  He was an aspiring writer and wanted to make a living from writing books for people of all ages.  He tried and tried and got really became really good at writing stories.  From those stories he received much money each month and was able to afford many fun toys.  Alas he was not happy and even though he had many toys, he did not have the one thing that money couldn’t buy… love.

Jane lived in the same town as Bob and while not a successful writer, she delivered pizzas to all the Sims people in town.  This made her very happy, but didn’t always pay all of her bills or allow her to buy all the pretty stuff that she wanted.  One day Jane was delivering pizzas like she always did and as luck would have it Bob had a craving for a delicious pepperoni pizza from the local pizza joint.  So he called up and placed his order and Jane delivered it to his front door.  Bob greeted Jane with a smile and a generous tip since she was the most beautiful pizza delivery person he had ever seen.  She was also surprised by his generosity and quite taken with his good looks as well.

Well needless to say Bob ordered many more pizzas and with each pizza he worked up a little more courage to ask Jane out for dinner.  Bob decided to throw a party one night and invited all his friends including his most favorite pizza delivery girl.  After some looks across the room and occasional small talk, he asked her out to dinner a movie.  She was quite flattered by the offer and accepted in hopes of getting to know him better.

As the two got to know each other, they realized they had much in common and love began to take hold in their hearts.  The more time they spent with each other, the more that love blossomed.  With that growing love came the eventual question that all couples will go through after enough time.  She said I do and he echoed her reply.  After their happy marriage had matured, they both realized that there was something missing in their lives.  They did what all happily married couples do and brought a tiny life into the world.

One ordinary day, a problem occurred in the house that wouldn’t usually be a huge problem, but this issue would change Bob’s life forever.  Jane was home while Bob was reading at the library and the television in their living room started to short out.  Jane thought to herself

“Even though I’ve never fixed a tv in my life, how hard could it be?”

She started tinkering with the television, but didn’t realize it was still plugged into the wall.  With a slip of the screw driver, she was violently electrocuted and died there in the living room.  This was no one’s fault and couldn’t be avoided, but Jane had passed away into the spirit world.  Bob came home only to hear the faint echos of her voice and the feeling of her ghost haunting the house.  Unfortunately she couldn’t leave and move on to the next world, she was trapped in the house and couldn’t leave.  This was most unnerving for Bob who couldn’t move on as long as her ghost haunted him.

He decided if she couldn’t leave the house, then maybe he should.  After tearing down the house and realizing that no other sim would buy property with a ghost on it, he decided to visit Ralph, the richest man in all of Simville.  Bob decided that if he couldn’t live in a happy home of his own, then maybe he could borrow Ralph’s.  After befriending Ralph, he pushed his way into his life further and further.  Ralph’s wife even suspected that there was much more going on than just a casual friendship.

One day after coming home from a long day at work, she walked into the house to discover that both Ralph and Bob were in the same bed and napping was the last thing on their mind.  She knew that was the final straw for her and divorced Ralph so he could live happily with his new life-mate Bob.  Bob and Ralph continued to hit it off and did was came natural for two men in love.  The eventual question was asked and both men said “I do”.

Many months after the marriage though another dark day visited Bob, but this time Ralph was the victim in an unfortunate swimming pool incident.  While going for his daily swim, Ralph noticed that the latter had been removed from the pool and without a way to climb out, he drowned.  Fortunately Ralph’s ghost did not linger and Bob did not have to mourn as long for him as he did with Jane.

Bob told himself that it was best that he go back to writing, enjoy his new life style, his new home, and insane amount of money.  Bob eventually became an excellent writer.  He remarried a new girl, had many children and lived happily ever after.

This was the tale of Bob.. all events in this story are true.  Well true as in they happened in my Sims 3 game.  I hope you enjoyed it!

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