September 19, 2012
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September 19, 2012 Ben


Another speak like a scurvy pirate day be upon us. I thought I would make ’tis blog entry totally in scurvy pirate speak if possible. yarr, I be kinda usin’ a tavern because I be way too lazy to actually do ’tis myself.

bin started rewatchin’ an barnacle-covered show that I hadn’t seen since I was a teenager. ’tis ’tis show called me So-Called Life. ’tis almost like takin’ a bus ride back into th’ past when I was back in sword fightin’ academy. Don’t get me wrong.. I hated sword fightin’ academy ‘n up ’til th’ last year I just didn’t get th’ whole thin’. People always shout that ye gunna look back to ye years at sword fightin’ academy as bein’ th’ best in ye life ‘n ya be knowin’ what? I have never ‘n most likely gunna never ever think that. A complete waste ‘o me youth be more than likely how I’ll look back on it. Gettin’ us ready fer th’ real seven seas.. yea.. th’ only thin’ I learned in high sword fightin’ academy that I use to ’tis day be me keyboardin’ ability ‘n quite frankly I could most likely have just taken a keyboardin’ tavern ‘n gotten th’ same results. Sure, I use English (at least most ‘o th’ the hour) ‘n maybe if I had paid a wee more attention, went to pirate apprentice, ‘n made full ‘o awe grades then I’d be some big steamin’-shot, but ya be knowin’ what?… I like me life.. I haven’t always liked it, in fact some times I might have below right loathed it, but fer now thin’s be jolly. Business be jolly.. lust life be jolly.. ‘n me future, while still a wee hazy has a jolly aura ’bout it.

i reckon bin done pretty well fer myself.. who I have to thank fer that ye may ask. If anyone.. God. th’ rest ‘o it probably falls on me shoulders. bin tried never to rely on anyone fer anythin’. Sure, thar have be people along me path that have helped me ‘n hurt me, but in th’ end I be th’ person I be this day because ‘o them. i reckon that life can be a series ‘o lessons learned ‘n lessons failed. If ye can make it through all that, then ye’re probably doin’ pretty jolly. I don’t think I’ll look back on me life ‘n look at th’ bad times, but more like look at th’ jolly times ‘n th’ jolly times ahead. Life gunna always have its ups ‘n downs, but if ye ride out th’ waves ‘n plunder th’ lovely booty then ye might just pull through. Anyways.. grog-filled scurvy pirate day all ye pirates.. Yo ho ho.

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