a perfectly relaxing day..

October 10, 2012
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October 10, 2012 Ben

a perfectly relaxing day..

Today was just marvelous!  Got up and went shopping for some gifts for my baby and piglet.  Got some nice little gifts that I think will go over well.  Dad and I went and visited this hippie shop nearby and maybe it’s just me, but I thought hippies wouldn’t be sooooo greedy!!  I mean, everything in that shop was WAY over-priced.  Thirty dollars for a freakin’ tie dye shirt. Everything in that shop was way too much money.  Would be cheaper to make your own and honestly I think that would make a great project for the little woman and her little girl.  I think we’ll do that when we get back!  I mean.. how hard could it be?! :D

Dad and I then walked to a great little restaurant on the boardwalk called Calypso.  Awesome freakin’ food and it really hit the spot!  We then walked on the beach for a bit and I took pictures while dad played with his metal detector.  I never realized that there’s just such a small chance of finding anything on such a huge beach.  He did find 19 cents, a nail, and bottle caps!  I couldn’t help but laugh as the water snuck up on him a couple of times when he was digging.  :)  You gotta love the ocean and how persistent it is in getting you all wet.  Gonna grill up some burgers that we picked up at wally world in a bit, then hit the gym again for some workout goodness!

Today was also great for one big reason… I called Sarah and asked her what she wanted for a gift and she responded with the best thing I’ve heard in a long time.. “You”.  I love knowing that she misses me as much as I’m missing her.  Can’t wait to give her a huge hug and a kiss.  Missing her bunches!!!

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