another day at the beach..

October 9, 2012
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October 9, 2012 Ben

another day at the beach..

What day is it!?  Oh wow, it’s Tuesday!  Dad and I spent the day being bums, but we did get something done!  We went to Buffalo Wild Wings cause dad hadn’t been before or if he has he didn’t remember it.  We got a bunch of food and a bit of extra for snacky times.  I had my usual sweat inducing meal of a chicken wrap with the caribbean jerk sauce.

I told dad “I love spicy stuff, but it makes me sweat like crazy”.

He said “oh yea.. and the sniffles”.

“Ohh really, so that’s who i got it from, eh?.. So I got the bad skin, bad stomach, and sweaty food reactions from you.. thanks for the contributions!” I joked.

After a very filling meal, we went to wally world and got some food for later on. Mainly some cheese burgers and spices for burgers. :D  We’re a pretty easy pair to keep happy.  I gotta get me some nommy burgers in me and it makes me a happy camper.

After all the gluttony today I figured it was time for some exercise.  I climb down the stairs 11 floors worth of stairs, then 35 minutes on the elliptical machine.  Then i figured for a fun treat, I climbed back up those 11 stories of stairs.  I was beat after that, but luckily no migraine like last night.  I guess I sent my system into shock after all that exercise last night.  Tomorrow is Wednesday, which is usually the day I spend with Sarah, but she’s a bit far away for me to hang out with :(.  Guess I’ll have to just make the best of it and enjoy myself as much as possible.  I really do miss her and I can’t wait to have her in my arms again.

Ohh.. that reminds me.  I want to get up super early one day this week and take some sunrise photos.  They won’t be as beautiful as she is, but it’s the closest I can get!

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