saturday with piglet..

October 7, 2012
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October 7, 2012 Ben

saturday with piglet..

Sarah came over yesterday with Addison and a load of laundry.  Her drier died on Friday so she has to get some clothes done before the week started.  Unfortunately she also had a pretty bad migraine so as she tried to sleep a bit in a dark room I was tasked with the duty of entertaining piglet, her five year old daughter.  I must say that I really have truly forgotten what it’s like to have such a vivid imagination.  I think we lose that ability as bills pile up and day to day work must be done.  It’s really too bad because she has an impressive ability to have adventures all in her mind.

We played a bunch outside, coloring the sidewalk and being generally goofy while mom slept inside.  I will say that Sarah made a huge step in trusting me when piglet ran out of drink and she let us both drive to the store to get some grape juice.  I suppose trusting anyone with your child is a huge deal.. even me without having a child, could recognize that.  We went to the store, picked up some migraine medicine for mom and grape juice for piglet.  Made it back home where I’m sure Sarah had a huge sign of relief when we walked in the front door.  Piglet and I then watched a bit of TV before she decided to start her own rock band with my xbox guitar controller.  She had a stage, an audience, and apparently multiple band mates from her school.  She said the cutest thing when she looked at me and said “pretend I’m your daughter and you came to see my show”.  I laughed and agreed, then cheered when she came on stage.  The stage being my floor right in front of the TV and backstage being the hallway.. she was quite cute about waiting for me to cheer before she came out.

It was quite an adorable day and I enjoyed the time we got to share with each other.  I suppose if I can never have kids, she’ll make a fine substitute.  When we were strapping her into her car seat to go home she excitingly screamed “I love you fluffy!!” (fluffy is my nickname).  I told her that I loved her too as Sarah was in the background trying not to tear up.  I know that she really likes that we get along so well and so am I.  If I ever had a kid I would hope that she was as well behaved and smart as this one.  I will say this.. she’s gonna be quite the drama-queen/heart-breaker.

Well… I’m all packed up and ready to go for my yearly trip to Virginia Beach!  Hopefully I’ll make a couple more blog posts from there.  That is if my phone’s internet decides to cooperate with me!

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