October 11, 2012
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October 11, 2012 Ben


Hola!!  Yup.. just relaxing again tonight.  It was quite cold today, but still the sun was out and it was a nice walk tonight.  I took a bunch of pictures of random people tonight just because I like people watching.  The sky above the water was a nice pink glow as the sun started going down.  I grilled up some burgers this morning for lunch and finished the rest of the pizza for dinner tonight.  That’s really the only thing I’ve done besides lounge around watch TV.  I’m thinking of taking a break from the gym tonight just to give my muscles a chance to heal.  I really am excited about getting back and checking out the doggy I’m thinking of getting from the humane society.

Her name is fluffy and for a bit during the beginning of the week she went off the site which usually indicates that she’s been adopted.  She reappeared when I got here so either it was a mistake or someone brought her back.  Hopefully things will work out when I get back.  I’m really excited about getting me a furry companion and since I’ve never really owned a dog, it should be a really interesting experience.  I think I’ll enjoy having a pet that I can take with me when I go out and come to find out Lynchburg has a dog park that I knew nothing about!

Dad and I have talked and it looks like we’ll be coming back Saturday night which will give me Sunday to either spend time with Sarah or just recuperate and watch TV.

Oh yea.. the subject is because we’re watching some sort of Stephen King marathon on AMC tonight :D  Yay for Halloween!!

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