zombies are people too..

April 5, 2013
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April 5, 2013 Ben

zombies are people too..

BBC-In-The-FleshWow.. it’s been awhile since I posted anything on here, hasn’t it?  Well I better make this post a good one.

Today I watched a British show called “In The Flesh” .. Warning, spoilers ahead!  So, it’s about the zombie apocalypse, but with a different twist.  A cure has been found for these zombies to return their mental abilities and prevent the need for feeding on the brains of humanity.  This show follows one such zombie as he returns to the society that hunted him.  He has to deal with flashbacks of the people he killed, a town that considers him a threat, and a family that doesn’t really know how to handle getting their dead son back from the grave.  This zombie’s name is Kieren Walker.

It turns out that Kieren committed suicide after finding out that his ‘good friend’ had been killed in Iraq.  It’s very unclear as to why such a drastic action was taken by Kieren until the second episode which hints of a romantic involvement with this friend.  In the same episode the friend returns from Iraq, but not as the parents would have liked.  He suffers from the same problems as Kieren, which is being a member of the undead community.  They of course are re-united, but little is said about their romantic relationship.  In the end the father of the undead soldier refuses to accept his zombie son and ends up killing him.

Throughout the story though you get the impression that it’s not so much the zombie invasion that was the issue, but the whole acceptance of people who are different.  Whether it be a girl who doesn’t want to wear make up and be a tradition woman or a homosexual relationship.  At the end of the series Kieren confronts what the family went through after finding their son had committed suicide.  The loss, lack of understanding, and the feelings of abandonment that the family suffered was enough to bring me to tears.  I would also say that the lack of acceptance from the community over being an ex-zombie or being a little ‘different’ made for a great story about truly loving each other no matter if they aren’t the norm.

After watching this show, I sat down and started thinking about how the stories of the undead may not always be that of fiction.  In war we often judge other people for looking different and can even justify their extermination for being that way.  Just like Nazi Germany’s justification for the extermination of an entire race, there are also countless tales of abuse, degradation and murder of someone just because they look different.  It could be because of the color of their skin, the beliefs they practice, or even something as simple as their appearance.  I won’t say that zombies are people.. but I will say that judging someone based on their outward appearance or the thoughts in their head is wrong… I believe that the right to judge is reserved for one being and one being only.  While it’s not always easy for me to put that into practice, I do try.

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