‘allo lovelies..

May 29, 2014
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May 29, 2014 Ben

‘allo lovelies..

Greetings strange earth beings.. I’ve decided to switch a few things up around here.  I guess the most obvious should be my change in domain names.  I decided that since I am getting older the old nickname I used to have really no longer applies.  So welcome to the mind of ben!  Guess I should start off by saying that I’m going to try to update this blog a little more frequently and provide little insights into the days of my life.  Maybe even throw a little techno-mumbo jumbo into the mix every now and then.  Followed by a bit of personal news that involves me in some way.  With that being said.. here’s a bit of goings on in my neck of the woods!

Firstly.. it’s spring (summer) around here and while I’ve been enjoying living under ground, it does tend to get a bit hot during the wacky days where the temp flies into the 90’s for no good reason.  Fortunately it still gets rather cold at night so I don’t have to sleep in a tub of ice!  Not having AC really makes the difference and I’m thankful for my visit’s to the girlfriend’s house where AC is just the flick of a switch away.

IMG_20140529_170443Nextly.. I have joined the ranks of the criminally insane by purchasing another motorcycle!  Fortunately I’ve grown too old to even think about getting a ‘crotch rocket’ and instead gotten me a lovely cruiser that used to belong to my dad.  Since his stroke, he felt uncomfortable with riding and so I have inherited his bike:

I’ve been trying to get back into the feeling of the air rushing over my body as I paranoia of other cars hitting me races through my brain.  I must say that the first time I hit the road it was a lovely mix of fear and adrenaline, just like the first time I road my other motorcycle.

I also have news about my business, but that’s on the hush hush right now until certain things are final.  Needless to say I might not be living with my sister for too much longer, but the time I’ve spent here has been pretty awesome.  I had forgotten how nice it is to have people around to talk to or fix dinner for.

Let’s see.. anything else really been happening…. Not really!  I have been able to spend much more time with my nephew since he visits every other weekend and it’s been nice to see how he’s turned out.  I’m really surprised since when he was a tiny thing, he was always so spoiled!  He’s turned out to be quite a fine young man and I think with his smarts and very polite attitude that he’ll go pretty far in this world.  I really am super proud of the man he’s becoming.

I think on that note, I’ll wrap things up.  Going to work on the site a bit, but I think this new direction will be quite beneficial to both my sanity and the few people who actually visit this part of the web.  Ta ta!

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