i’m babysitting mah kitteh…

June 15, 2014
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June 15, 2014 Ben

i’m babysitting mah kitteh…

As the heat wave hits us here in Virginia, I am grateful that I have a nice air conditioned apartment to hang out in.  My girlfriend is going out of town for the wedding of her sister, so I decided to offer my services as a cat sitter.  One of the benefits is that her place has a wonderful air conditioner, whereas my basement apartment does not.  Sure, the fans help keep me cool and I will also miss my motorcycle, but during a heat wave I think it’s best for my sanity that I keep cool!

My girlfriend will be gone for a week and I’ll miss her like crazy.. I am praying left and right that she returns safely to me.  I did recently purchase me a nice gaming laptop so at least I won’t be too bored.  She also lives in town so there’s a plethora of restaurants for me to choose from and a bit more to do than in the sticks.  I got to eat at Taco Bell tonight!!!  It’s the small things that keep me happy!

I’ll be going to a wedding for my friend this weekend so it looks like it’ll be a busy week for me.. Also the stuff with my business should wrap up soon I hope.  That means that hopefully I’ll be moving back into town as well and will be able to enjoy the same amenities as I’ll be enjoying this week.  Well now is the time for me to return to download some more games for this new toy.  Much props to Asus for making such a kick ass little laptop!

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