my adventures in space

July 1, 2014
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July 1, 2014 Ben

my adventures in space

So after the Steam Summer sale, I walked away with four games.  They’re all indie games so it makes me feel better to support the smaller developers over the large ones.  I decided to buy Spacebase DF-9 since it looks like a neat little game where you run your own space station.  I got it for a cheap price so I don’t feel jipped at all, but I do have some serious questions about what the developers were thinking.

Firstly, holy crap.. where is the tutorial?!  I don’t usually play tutorials, but a couple of hints would have been nice.  My first couple of stations were a complete failure and everyone died due to starvation, asphyxiation, or explosive decompression.  All in all I wasn’t so surprised, since games like this are usually a learning experience.

My biggest complaint is the fact that it looks like I’m commander of some of the stupidest aliens in the entire galaxy.  I had a derelict ship enter my sector, so I sent some guards to check it out. Well as soon as they did, they decided to take brief naps afterwards.  It wasn’t so bad trying to get them to leave, but when the oxygen generators failed, they started running around like chickens with their heads cut off.  My genius repair technicians decided to head over there and fix the problem, but their first step was take off their life giving suits and join the orgy of morons by running around with them.  Why they didn’t just keep their suit on, fix the unit and then take off those stinky suits is beyond me.  My only option was to destroy the ship with all the morons on board.

All in all the game is addicting, even with all its flaws.. Here’s hoping they fix this craziness with some better AI or at least more logical ones.

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