my adventures in wwii

July 2, 2014
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July 2, 2014 Ben

my adventures in wwii

Sheesh!  I’m all for killing nazis (I mean, who isn’t), but the graphic nature of Sniper Elite 3 just floors me!  I was sitting down stairs playing this game with my nephew on looking and I had to take out a guy from a pretty far distance.  I lined up my sights, took a deep breath, and then decided to relive this guy of the burden of living his life as a hate mongering demon.  As I watched the time slow down and the camera follow the bullet.  It slowly approached the skull of my target and entered it very slowly, then with x-ray vision I was able to watch as the bullet as it did all of the damage inside of his body.

The bullet went into his head, then out through is face.  I was lucky enough to watch as it destroyed all of his facial bones bones, explode his jaw and even destroy his eyes.  At first it was very disturbing, but oddly enough I suppose I became desensitized to it.  I guess I wrote it off because they’re nazis and if they had the chance, they would do the same.  War is hell and all that.

The game is very fun.. I will give it that.  It’s more strategy than the last one.  Killing has to be done in a particular order so that nazi #1 doesn’t see his friend’s head explode and alert everyone else.  I’m on a particularly stressful mission currently where I have to infiltrate a very large base with more nazis than I can shake a stick at.  I have to be super sneaky, but I’m also trying to take my time with this game. It’s like a delicious steak.. you just want to take your time and enjoy it…. even if I do decide to put BBQ sauce on the steak ;).

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