re-watching star wars..

March 22, 2015
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March 22, 2015 Ben

re-watching star wars..

So I’ve decided to re-watch must of Star Wars and I suppose my only question was:

What’s the best order to watch Star Wars?

I thought on it for a bit and decided that chronological order would be the best way.  Here is what I think the best way to watch the shows and movies.


Let’s start here.. Yes, yes, yes.. I know that this is not the favorite series of movies and everyone seems to dislike them, but in the end it’s Star Wars lore.  You cannot ignore this movie just because it doesn’t suit your taste.

I think the major downfall of this movie was the poor choice in characters.  Jar Jar was probably the worst of all these choices followed by the stupid fish creatures that live in the oceans of Naboo.  The writers should have never included these things in the movie and I think if they hadn’t, the movies reviews would have been much better.



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