re-watching star wars..

March 22, 2015
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March 22, 2015 Ben

re-watching star wars..


Anikan’s journey becomes complete in this movie.  This film explains the story of how Anikan is completely lured to the dark side and how the emperor corrupted the love he had for Padmé.

After watching The Clone Wars, you’ll further understand Order 66 and how extremely sad it was when the order was given.  Maybe it’s the fact that as I get older I became more emotional, but I always find myself tearing up during the execution of the Jedi.

The fall of Anikan really becomes the main point in this movie.  It’s truly sad since all he wanted to do was be with Padmé.  I personally think if he had given up the plans of being a Jedi and just became her husband that maybe would have made him happy enough.  He wanted to protect her and keep her safe.. it’s a pity that the emperor saw this and used it against him.

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