ahh! zombies!

April 14, 2017
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April 14, 2017 Ben

ahh! zombies!

Yea, zombies are kind of the it thing right now.. seems like they have been for quite some time really?  I mean Walking Dead is going on it’s what… 8th season!?  Geez.. that’s 8 years that zombies have been.  Maybe it’s a sign?  Doubtful, but ya gotta question your zombie plan and revise it as life goes on.  When I was single, the plan was simple.. get in my car, gather up any guns and ammo I can safely obtain and get to a place with low population and possible self sustaining power.

Then life throws me a curve ball and now I’m happily married with a wife and step daughter to think of.  I do know that if my daughter turns to a zombie, her mom will probably kill me and feed me to her.  Not that she really needs to eat, since most zombies seem to live for a long time without any sort of sustenance, so I’m not sure why they see the need to feed them in the movies.  So I guess now that I have to think of, what to do.. what to do.  Guess I’d first head home to gather up the guns and ammo, possibly fighting off looters and panicked neighbors.  I’d try to call Sarah, but most likely the phones would be all jammed up and besides she never answers anyways :D.  

Let’s assume for the sake of argument that things go well and I’m able to gather up the family.  I think one of the best places to head to would be the desert.  Specifically the hoover dam which apparently can run independent of any human intervention for several years.  Would probably be a great place to hold out too…  Very limited entrances and plenty of water.  Problem is, food.. yea I’ll be able to refrigerate, but the desert isn’t exactly the greatest place to start a farm.  Not sure if staying in one place would be the best idea anyways.. hasn’t seemed to work for the people in The Walking Dead.  They set up roots and then horrible things happen..  Maybe best to keep on the move, stay on the ocean for as long as possible.  

Okay.. plan re-visited..

  1. Gather the guns and ammo
  2. Gather the family
  3. Head to the ocean, some place with very few people (don’t head to Norfolk)
  4. Find a boat, something with solar power (probably be best to learn how to sail before this whole apocalypse) 
  5. Keep moving, don’t stop, have no pity for anyone unless you’re absolutely positive they’re not trying to trick you
  6. Live as long as possible, since you know you’re gonna eff’ up sooner or later and become someone’s lunch.. BRAINZZ!!

Still not sure if having a family is going to be good for me or not.. maybe in this man eat man world, it’s best to sever all ties.  Guess we’ll see how this plays out ;)

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