ho ho ho

November 21, 2017
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November 21, 2017 Ben

ho ho ho

Ohhhh Santa!  I know what I want for Christmas! ;)  So I have several winter projects when the weather starts getting too cold to go out and fly.  One of them is a tomahawk panzer micro drone and the other is a spec wing!  I found the panzer online for a really cheap price and I’m thinking that I’ll buy the spec wing with Christmas money.  I have started playing with airbrushing and completely re-painted my Opterra.  It gave me some great practice and I’ve learned so much.  I will be posting photos with the new paint job as soon as I can get out into some weather that isn’t miserably cold or crazy windy!


This is a preview of the spec wing I’m interested in.  They usually go around 80-90 MPH and are super maneuverable.  Some of the guys I’ve seen flying these are really talented.  I’ve had a bunch of practice with my RMRC Recruit and I think I’m ready to move on to the fast guys.  I’ll be looking forward post some of the videos I make with this guy.

I believe the plan for this plane is to look more like the Joker’s wing.  Lots of green and purple!

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