learning to fly

November 21, 2017
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learning to fly

The first time I took to the air was with a quadcopter.  A loong time ago I had a cheap little airplane and after tossing it into the air I almost immediately crashed it.  This was years ago and had no experience other than the occasional flight simulator on the computer.  I built my first quad, learned how to fly and then decided to look into fixed wings (aka RC planes).  My mother and wife surprised me last Christmas with a beater plane (a plane held together with straps and laminate).  It was a great deal for someone who wanted to learn how to fly and needed a place to start.  Instead of waiting for some pointers, I decided to take the plane out on my own.  First flight I am honestly surprised that I didn’t totally lose it!  I came close to crashing it in a tree and did break a propeller every time I landed.

In the following video you can see the very last time I tried flying without instruction from someone who knew much more about flying than I did.  In this video you can see that I stalled out really hardcore and broke the nose of the plane completely off.

I took the plane back to Stone Blue Airlines (the place I purchased it from) and the owner very willingly fixed nose, re-laminated it and replaced the destroyed motor.  I thought that maybe I wasn’t meant to fly fixed wings and should just stick to quadcopters.  After my plane was repaired, Jeremiah (the owner of Stone Blue) brought my plane back to the field and told me that I was going to learn how to fly today.  He showed me how to hand launch the aircraft myself and told me what I was doing wrong.  Turns out it was the littlest thing.  I was stalling out the plane when I first took off.  It didn’t have enough power to climb the way I was expecting it.  “Keep the nose down” was the best advice he could give me and set me on a path to becoming a much better pilot.  He taught me how to control the aircraft and not break as many propellers when I land.  I know that I might have been able to eventually get there, but with the advice of a good friend and a much more skilled pilot, I got there much quicker and without so much damage.  I owe him many thanks for getting me into a part of the hobby that has major benefits and allows you to soar with the birds or at least annoy the crap out of them.

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