getting married tomorrow..

marriageWell the day came a lot quicker than I thought it was going to!  This is honestly the closest I’ve been to getting married.  Sure, there were a couple of times before this when I ALMOST got married, but nothing like this.  For a while there I honestly thought I just wasn’t the marrying type.  That’s to say that I probably wouldn’t be picked to be married, just like I wasn’t picked to be on the kickball team in high school.

It’s funny, I never thought I’d really get married, so the stress and foresight of getting married wasn’t there.  I think I had a picture in my mind and I’m quickly realizing that the picture wasn’t exactly accurate.  I do know that dating a single mom and marrying one are two completely different things.  The kid that you could hang out with and be ‘that cool guy that mom’s dating’ isn’t the same guy that’s there when you’re living with the kid.  She’s only been there a couple of nights when I was there, but they weren’t exactly the most promising nights.  My hopes is that things will calm down after we get into more of a routine.

The past month has been so stressful and full of bickering that it has made me extremely nervous about tomorrow.  I know the time to back out has passed and it’s just my brain going into panic mode that’s telling me to run.  I’m trying to tell my brain that change isn’t always bad and that things have gotten better over time, but you know how brains are.. they don’t always listen to reason.

I’m going to give this marriage thing a 100% effort.  I am pessimistically optimistic and hopeful that the people that my fiance and I have been in this last month aren’t the people that are getting married tomorrow.  If I’m proven wrong, then I guess we’ll just be another statistic, but if I’m right I think it would lead a very happy life for both of us.

the dirty secret about us prius owners…

If you ever catch yourself walking through a parking lot and you hear a light hum behind you… that might be a prius sneaking up on you!  I’ve sneaked up on many people walking to their car or to the grocery store.  It’s always funny to see the expression on their face when they turn around and see a car a couple feet away from them.

At first I thought it was just me!  However I’ve talked to a couple of people that own a prius and it’s quite funny, but we all seem to enjoy scaring the shit outta of pedestrians!  Besides the sneakiness factor, I really do love my car.  It’s been one of the funnest investments that I’ve made and I truly enjoy saving so much in gas.  Even if it is pretty low these days.

random acts of kindness..

I sometimes weep for the world we live in.. when seeing someone go out of their way to help someone or something else, it truly makes me tear up.  It’s quite sad that the negative news and horrible things that people do to one another is usually the only thing we hear about. It’s so rare that the people that drop everything to help another person is acknowledged.  I watched this video below and couldn’t help but cry and thank God that there are people out there that help others without an expectation of anything in return.


“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.” – Oscar Wilde

re-watching star wars..

So I’ve decided to re-watch must of Star Wars and I suppose my only question was:

What’s the best order to watch Star Wars?

I thought on it for a bit and decided that chronological order would be the best way.  Here is what I think the best way to watch the shows and movies.


Let’s start here.. Yes, yes, yes.. I know that this is not the favorite series of movies and everyone seems to dislike them, but in the end it’s Star Wars lore.  You cannot ignore this movie just because it doesn’t suit your taste.

I think the major downfall of this movie was the poor choice in characters.  Jar Jar was probably the worst of all these choices followed by the stupid fish creatures that live in the oceans of Naboo.  The writers should have never included these things in the movie and I think if they hadn’t, the movies reviews would have been much better.



getting married!

I proposed to my girlfriend a couple of weeks ago and she said yes! :)  I know we have had some rocky times and she’s had to get over some personal stuff, but I think that all the hard times and patience has paid off.  I couldn’t be more happy about it too..  I love her so much and her daughter means so much to me, that I couldn’t imagine living with having her in my life.  These past four years of my life have been so crazy!

I’ve had my ups, downs and side to sides.  Started a new job, got engaged and started making plans for the rest of my life.  We’ve both decided to have a small ceremony with just a few friends and family.  I’m counting down the days until July.  It’s going to be crazy, new, unpredictable and the best time of my life.

This blog has seen the best and the worst times of my life… Here’s the the rest of my life and all the joy I’m hoping it holds.

merry christmas!

Yay for Christmas!!  I must say that I’ve really enjoyed the past couple of weeks.  I’ve been able to spend time with my girl and her little one.  I am really looking forward to this next year and all the promise of what 2015 is going to bring.  I’m studying for my new VMware certificate, so that hopefully will let me move up in my career.  I’m also looking forward to summer, but for reasons I can’t really go into.

I can’t say that I really enjoy all the cold and rainy weather we’ve been having, but I suppose that’s what winter means around here.  Don’t tell anyone, but I’m wishing for snow and lots of it.  Good thing about my job is that I can pretty much do it from anywhere.  I’ve got lots of new projects coming my way and I will be the lead on most of them.  Building new networks and servers is really where I want to be.  No more fixing desktop computers that are infected with viruses.  Now if I can convince my boss to let go of the reigns long enough to let me do my thing, everything will be okay!

Well I’m going to get back to spending time with my lady.. tomorrow is Christmas day and I’ll be one stuffed happy camper after dinner at two places.  Merry Christmas to everyone who visits my site and hope everyone has an awesome new year.  I know I plan to! :D

..where have I been!?

Well it’s been quite some time since I’ve posted here.. lots has changed and holy crap it’s been crazy!  So in September, I sold my business.. not exactly for a ton of money, but it was reasonable for what I was selling.  I’ve been working for another IT company since then (the same one that bought my business).  I’m moving in the direction of being a VMWare engineer.  I figured it’d be an educational experience and would give me the opportunity to get out the routine of fixing broken computers.

I started my VMWare class about three weeks ago and it’s been absolutely mind blowing!  I’ve learned so much in a short period of time and the company I’m working for has taken advantage of my knowledge.  Every class I learn something new and the next day I’m using it on a big project we’re working on.  I kind of got tired of doing the same ol’ work day in and day out, so working for someone else seemed like the best choice to expand myself personally.

On a more person note.. marriage might actually be in my future in the next year or so!  I can’t believe that I’m actually saying that, but it’s true!  Sure, I’ve come close a couple of times, but I think this time it’s for real and it’s with a woman whom I love with all my being.  I think this next year of my life will be absolutely amazing and I’m trying to keep a positive attitude about all the change that’s been happening.  In the words of Stewie Griffon.. “I DON’T LIKE CHANGE!!”  …. however this change is everything I’ve wanted for the past couple of years.

my adventures in space economy

Count-Rugen-140x195Sweet crackers!!!  Well I feel as though this dude just sucked one year of my life away!  I figured I’d try to figure out X3 Terran Conflict out.  I had downloaded it a while ago but the learning curve was so massive that I didn’t care to put so much time in it.  Fast forward to a couple of years and I thought it would be a great game to kill some time with my new gaming laptop (thank you Asus).

I loaded up my copy and after a few days, I purchased what I thought was the most in-depth space economy/war/simulator game that I’ve ever played.  I did play a previous version of this game when it was called X2 and I enjoyed it; from what I remember.

After a couple of hours of just trying to learn this game, I started to pick up the basic concepts and before I knew it I had played this game for 120 hours!  Needless to say I had built a pretty massive empire with hundreds of millions of credits.  I also purchased the most massive ship with the ability to destroy enemy cruisers and space stations.  After that it came down to the missions and between the bugginess and the horrible voice acting, it no longer held my interest.  I might look at some X3 Albion Prelude which is supposed to be even better and hopefully with some actual interesting missions.

All in all though I do not regret buying this game, even if it was through eBay.  I’ve already moved on to a different game which will most likely be the topic of my next blog post.

my adventures in wwii

Sheesh!  I’m all for killing nazis (I mean, who isn’t), but the graphic nature of Sniper Elite 3 just floors me!  I was sitting down stairs playing this game with my nephew on looking and I had to take out a guy from a pretty far distance.  I lined up my sights, took a deep breath, and then decided to relive this guy of the burden of living his life as a hate mongering demon.  As I watched the time slow down and the camera follow the bullet.  It slowly approached the skull of my target and entered it very slowly, then with x-ray vision I was able to watch as the bullet as it did all of the damage inside of his body.

The bullet went into his head, then out through is face.  I was lucky enough to watch as it destroyed all of his facial bones bones, explode his jaw and even destroy his eyes.  At first it was very disturbing, but oddly enough I suppose I became desensitized to it.  I guess I wrote it off because they’re nazis and if they had the chance, they would do the same.  War is hell and all that.

The game is very fun.. I will give it that.  It’s more strategy than the last one.  Killing has to be done in a particular order so that nazi #1 doesn’t see his friend’s head explode and alert everyone else.  I’m on a particularly stressful mission currently where I have to infiltrate a very large base with more nazis than I can shake a stick at.  I have to be super sneaky, but I’m also trying to take my time with this game. It’s like a delicious steak.. you just want to take your time and enjoy it…. even if I do decide to put BBQ sauce on the steak ;).

my adventures in space

So after the Steam Summer sale, I walked away with four games.  They’re all indie games so it makes me feel better to support the smaller developers over the large ones.  I decided to buy Spacebase DF-9 since it looks like a neat little game where you run your own space station.  I got it for a cheap price so I don’t feel jipped at all, but I do have some serious questions about what the developers were thinking.

Firstly, holy crap.. where is the tutorial?!  I don’t usually play tutorials, but a couple of hints would have been nice.  My first couple of stations were a complete failure and everyone died due to starvation, asphyxiation, or explosive decompression.  All in all I wasn’t so surprised, since games like this are usually a learning experience.

My biggest complaint is the fact that it looks like I’m commander of some of the stupidest aliens in the entire galaxy.  I had a derelict ship enter my sector, so I sent some guards to check it out. Well as soon as they did, they decided to take brief naps afterwards.  It wasn’t so bad trying to get them to leave, but when the oxygen generators failed, they started running around like chickens with their heads cut off.  My genius repair technicians decided to head over there and fix the problem, but their first step was take off their life giving suits and join the orgy of morons by running around with them.  Why they didn’t just keep their suit on, fix the unit and then take off those stinky suits is beyond me.  My only option was to destroy the ship with all the morons on board.

All in all the game is addicting, even with all its flaws.. Here’s hoping they fix this craziness with some better AI or at least more logical ones.