I took some time to do a little bit of research about becoming a pilot.  Initially I thought it would be a good career, but I believe that for now I’d like to keep my passion as just that; a passion.  I think when I get to retirement age, I might look into becoming an instructor.  My goal for now is to start taking lessons on the weekend.  I will say that my very first flight was amazing!  It was so much smaller than I expected and very humbling.  I hope to post more and more photos as I take lessons!



January 25th – First official flight lesson

Flew out of Smith Mountain Lake airport with my CFI.  While the motion sickness is an issue, everything else went great!  I’m excited to get back up there and hope that next weekend will be just as fun.  I think the addiction is starting to take hold.

February 1st – Second flight lesson

Motion sickness wasn’t as much of an issue this time around I’m happy to say.  We flew out of SML, then over to Altavista, then to Bedford and back to the lake.  Practiced stalls and emergency procedures.  Lots of fun and going up next weekend.

June 20th – Update

Haven’t updated in a while so figured I’d check in.  I’m at around 13 hours of flight time so far with most of my time being spent on pattern work and landing.  Take offs are pretty easy and uneventful.  My CFI has mentioned I’m very close to my first solo and this will be a major milestone in my training.  Ramping up training during the summer months when we have lots of daylight.  Will be practicing 3 times a week until the time changes.